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Concrete Polishing

Commercial Concrete Polishing

Enhance Concrete Floors with Polishing

You can avoid costly floor waxing with polished concrete. With the latest techniques and equipment, we are now able to grind and polish concrete flooring to a brilliant finish eliminating the need to wax.  

Get the look of polished, natural stone that never needs refinished with polished concrete. Our technique can be accomplished with old surfaces or freshly-poured concrete. It will leave durable and high-performance flooring. Compared with marble, granite, tile, linoleum, and even coated concrete, it’s often an ideal solution for retail, warehouse, and office facilities.

The polishing is done in multiple passes, so you can choose from a satin to a high-gloss sheen. You can choose which polished concrete is best for your application’s practical and stylistic requirements. If you are looking to modernize your place of business give us a call and we will send out a certified technician to walk you through the process and provide a free on-site estimate.

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