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History, Awards, and CT Gives Back Project


Originally, Carpet Tech was started by my brother Chad when I was still in High School. He began the carpet cleaning business in order to make money to get himself through college at Texas Tech using a minivan with a small carpet cleaning machine inside. My brother was always my hero but as I watched him continue to grow his business my admiration became even greater. Then on December of 1995, our lives were changed forever.

My brother Chad, at the age of 23, was diagnosed with terminal cancer. When Chad was too ill to continue with the business, my father sold the minivan to a fireman in Lubbock while I graduated high school and accepted a scholarship to play football at Texas Tech. Chad did not make it another Christmas. He passed away in September of 1996 and I was devastated. I quit school, quit football, and had absolutely no direction. My brother was an amazing person. As fate would have it, it was not long before the fireman who bought Chad’s carpet cleaning van called and offered us the chance to purchase it back. We jumped on the opportunity and Carpet Tech was reborn in 1996.


In the beginning, I had no plans to grow the business; it was just something to keep myself busy. I then began to dream. I wanted to finish what my brother started using his vision as the foundation for Carpet Tech. He built Carpet Tech on honesty, integrity, and customer service and I had a plan to continue his legacy using his values and lots of hard work. So I began to push and sell and use all my energy to produce and grow the business in order to bring honor to his memory.

Today we are still building relationships with our current customers and gratefully accepting referrals. With offices located in Lubbock, Amarillo, Midland, Odessa, Collin County, & Clovis, we are able to service the South Plains, Panhandle and Eastern New Mexico area. We are the most recognized cleaning and restoration company in the region.

Company Values

Service Excellence

Providing first class service and striving for excellence every single day by providing the very best and unparalleled results for all around satisfaction


Being honest and instilling trust by following through with our promises and taking responsibility for our actions

Quality Representation

Attracting and recruiting the very best people, demonstrating the most positive attitude and work ethic while manifesting an overall sense of teamwork


Aggressively building a better, stronger company acting with an ownership mentality, developing our people, and protecting the Carpet Tech brand.




Carpet Tech employees regularly volunteer their time, skills, and creative insights to help those in need. whether helping out in simple ways or volunteering their efforts towards community challenges, Carpet Tech strives to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others and in the communities where we live and work.

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