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Oriental & Domestic Rug Cleaning

Commercial Oriental & Domestic Rug Cleaning

Commercial Rug Cleaning Process

When you purchase an area rug for your business, you want it properly cared for to prevent damage and wear. Carpet Tech uses cleaning methods designed with your specific style of rug in mind. Using steam and dry cleaning, dusting, and submersion cleaning, we’ll keep your rug looking new. Our cleaning facility in Lubbock uses the latest equipment and methods to give your rug a deep clean while keeping it in excellent condition.

Whether your rug is domestic or Oriental, our CRC-certified specialists will give it their expert attention.

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Professional Oriental & Domestic Rug Care

Rugs that are exposed to a commercial environment are subject to specific risks. Our rug experts know how to keep your rug in great shape and ready to impress. The variety of methods available at our specialized rug care facilities allow us to care for any type of rug.

Contact us today and we will send a technician to your place of business to evaluate the condition of your rug. If it is agreed that the rug needs to be deep cleaned at one of our facilities, we will provide a free pickup and drop off service for your convenience.

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