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Wood Floor Refinishing

Residential Wood Floor Refinishing

Wood Floor Sanding & Refinishing

Time, daily wear, and the Texas climate can take their toll on your home, so care for your home’s wood flooring with regular wood floor refinishing services. The craftsmen at Carpet Tech use a 100% dust-contained sanding system that keeps your home clean and your family comfortable. Hardwood floors add warmth, beauty, and value to your home. Our cleaning and refinishing will bring new life and longevity to your hardwood floors.

Why Choose Carpet Tech?

To properly clean wood flooring, we must sand and refinish the surface. This allows us to remove years of damage making the floor look fresh and new. All of our sanding equipment used in our wood floor refinishing completely contains the dust with industrial vacuums. This equipment is more powerful than any available for rent at a hardware store.

Our equipment provides an exceptional, even finish and eliminates the sawdust that would otherwise settle onto the freshly-cleaned floor. We also save you a frustrating clean-up and protect your electronics from dangerous sawdust. The lack of sneezing will also keep your family smiling.

Once we sand your hardwood and all the dust is safely removed, the majority of the scratches and flaws from your floor are gone. Most companies would stop there, but we go a step further. We provide quality details to our work by using a hand edger and buffer to remove the hidden blemishes and scratches. The resulting surface will be at it maximum smoothness and shine.

Our team can also apply a coat of stain, sealant, and finish for that brand new hardwood look that will last for years to come!


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Wood Floor Repair

Don’t worry if your wood floor has damage that goes beyond scratches. If the hardwood is damaged by mold, water, or termites, our experienced craftsmen can inspect, give you a free estimate, and repair the problem!

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Beautiful Wood Floor Stains, Sealant & Finishes

Carpet Tech recommends waterborne stains for most homeowners. These finishes do not have toxic fumes and have low VOCs, meaning your family’s health is not at risk. You will not need to vacate the premises during the refinishing process. The product we use earned the Greenguard-certified seal of approval for indoor air quality.

Looking to change the color of your hardwood floor? Whether you want to go lighter or darker, our craftsmen can help you choose the perfect color. Free samples of stains are available and we can color match the shade of your preference. With your perfect shade chosen we’ll apply the stain and top it off with a protective seal. After Carpet Tech is done, your floor will continue looking smooth and new for a long, long time!

Ready to care for your hardwood floors? Call Carpet Tech today to schedule your appointment for wood floor refinishing services from the experts!


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