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Grout Cleaning

Make Your Grout look Great!


Grout often stands in the way of tile looking truly clean. Oil-based stains, ground-in dirt, and tough mildew can spread quickly when left untreated. Scrubbing grout is a long, tough process, and it doesn’t always achieve the results you had hoped for. Fortunately, Carpet Tech has the solution to make your grout shine like new.

Whether grout problems plague your flooring, bathroom and kitchen features, or even your outdoor space, we have the right tools for the job. With our Turbo Tile and Grout Cleaner, we can give your grout the pressure washer treatment, removing any accumulated grime.

Your white grout will be white again, and colored grout will regain its attractive look. To make the treatment last we also offer a sealing service. Sealing your grout will protect your rejuvenated floors and make future maintenance and cleaning easier. Just imagine the time you’ll save if you call Carpet Tech today.


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