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Residential Pool & Fountain Cleaning


Pool and Fountain Cleaning: Keeping Your Pools Looking Great

Pool and fountain cleaning by Carpet Tech offers a full range of repair and regular maintenance services for just about any water source. As summer approaches and the weather heats up, getting the pool summer-ready or the fountain back up and running is likely at the top of your list. Making sure your pool, spa, and hot tub are clean, clear, and PH-balanced are important steps to help you enjoy your time in the water.

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  • Pools: We service both saltwater and freshwater pools. We will open and close your pool each season and maintain it regularly – you don’t have to do anything except sit back and relax! 
  • Spas and Hot Tubs: Our technicians offer maintenance for spas and hot tubs year-round! We will clean, repair, and maintain the water chemistry in your hot tub with our spa maintenance package.
  • Fountains and Water Features: From majestic fountains to small ponds, Pool Check by Carpet Tech will make sure your home’s water features are clean and operating smoothly.

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Opening Your Residential Pool

Preparing your pool for your family and friends is usually a three-day process. Let Pool Check by Carpet Tech handle it, following up with our routine maintenance plan.

  • Day 1 – Pool Check will refill the pool and test the water. At this time, we correct the PH balance and shock the water if it is green.
  • Day 2 – We come in and scrub the pool walls and power vacuum algae and leaves out of the water. After everything is clean, we test the alkalinity and correct the balance. After the water has had a chance to circulate, we retest and, if the balance is correct, we add chlorine and stabilizer.
  • Day 3 – After the water has circulated overnight, we retest the PH, alkalinity, and chlorine levels, and add CYA and algae control to the water.

Your Pool Check technician will give you the OK when the water is safe for swimming. It’s important that you do not swim for at least four hours after chemicals have been added to the pool.

Closing Your Pool

At the end of the summer, we will come out and complete our closing checklist, which consists of:

    • Cleaning water: We conduct a final cleaning of the water in your pool
    • Checking chemicals: The right balance of chemicals is required to keep the pool in good condition offseason so opening your pool is easier next summer.
    • Balancing the water: If needed, we will apply the correct chemicals to balance the water in your pool.
    • Lower the water level: Water levels need to be lowered to below the mouth of the skimmer which can be easily damaged if water freezes in the skimmer when temperatures drop.
    • Cover the pool
    • Check valves: As water freezes, it will expand. By checking all the pressure valves and gauges we make sure that all parts of the pool are protected from ice and snow for the winter by clearing all water from any area that can be easily damaged by ice.

Once we’ve completed our closing checklist, your pool will be prepared for the winter. We will schedule a time to come back and open your pool for the next season.

Pool Repair and Maintenance

The amount of maintenance your pool needs depends on the size, type, and frequency of use. Pool Check by Carpet Tech can provide regular maintenance weekly, twice a week, or three times a week, depending on what you need. Our Pool Check technician can give you a recommended pool & fountain cleaning schedule that fits your needs and budget. When Pool Check cleans your pool, we can do the following:

  • Clean on your time frame based on your budget and your pool’s needs
  • We can provide the necessary pool treatment, add chemicals or use your preferred products 
  • Pool Check can shock, acid wash, or remove calcium deposits that have built up

Check out these other helpful pool maintenance tips on our blog!

What if My Pool is Green?

Don’t let a green pool ruin your summer! Algae growth, triggered by an imbalance in chemicals, can give pool water a green appearance. Pool Check will find the problem and correct it. Even if the pool has been green for an extended period of time, we can generally clean the pool and return it to a usable condition. We’ll apply the proper chemicals to reverse algae growth and keep it from returning.

Sand Changes

Sand filters are some of the easiest types of filters to maintain. Although little-to-no maintenance is required for sand filters, the sand may need changing from time to time. If you have a sand filter, we offer sand changes so you don’t have to worry about it! We will check your filter, no matter the type, each time we clean your pool to ensure that it is functioning properly.

Hot Tubs and Spas

Spas and hot tubs need regular upkeep and cleaning to run smoothly and efficiently. Our spa and hot tub maintenance and cleaning services take approximately one hour and can be done weekly, monthly, or yearly depending on the size and use.

Ponds and Fountains

From small fountains to large, water features, Pool Check by Carpet Tech can handle it all. We can clean and service your home’s fountain or water feature and keep it running smoothly in working order and looking beautiful. Call to learn more about Pool Check by Carpet Tech today.

For more information on pool and water maintenance contact us today and schedule your Pool Check with Carpet Tech!


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