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Concrete Services

Commercial Concrete Services


Making Your Concrete Shine

You can drastically improve the look of your home’s concrete with routine cleaning and a proper seal. Carpet Tech uses concrete products that will keep your concrete protected and easier to maintain. If you’d like to make your concrete a positive feature of your home, we’ll help you find the cleaning and maintenance program that’s right for you.

With the right care, your concrete will last longer and look fantastic. We can remove oil and other stains from plain concrete, helping it to stay bright and smooth. For decorative concrete, we’ll maintain the color and shine, so you can continue to wow your guests. We want your flooring investment to last, and we want cleaning to be easier and more effective.

Give us a call. We’ll help you find the right concrete products to use for day-to-day maintenance, or we can schedule a regular cleaning.


Decorative Concrete Services for Your Home by Carpet Tech

Carpet Tech utilizes revolutionary technology to transform your concrete floor into a warm and luxurious alternative to standard hard surfaces. Whether you desire a rustic scored pattern with multiple colors, a simple one-color stain application, or a custom design, we will make your vision come to life.

Our craftsmen can help you customize the look you have always dreamed of. Contact us for a free on-site consultation and estimate.


Polished Concrete

Polished concrete is fast becoming the ultimate no-wax flooring material.. Our craftsmen are able to provide a high-glass finish that never needs to be waxed or coated. We are able to do this process on new or old concrete.

Polishing is a multi-step process so you will choose the level of sheen, from satin to high gloss. This versatility makes polished concrete an ideal flooring material for a variety of applications. Call Carpet Tech, and we will send over a craftsman to help you find the surface that meets your maintenance and aesthetic needs.


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Concrete Staining for your Business

Stained concrete provides a brilliant, marbleized finish. This type of flooring is perfect for high-traffic areas because of the durability and appearance. Between our limitless design abilities and experienced craftsmanship, Carpet Tech offers a solution for every budget.

If you’re looking to drastically improve your facility’s indoor or outdoor flooring, we can create a surface your customers will love and you will be proud of. Not only will decorative concrete give your flooring a distinctive look, it will be easy to maintain and resistant to stains. Our special protective sealers and finishes use UV inhibitors to get the most years out of your investment.

We have professional craftsmen available to come by your place of business for a consultation and will provide a free on-site estimate.

Creative Design

Make Your Concrete as Unique as Your Home

Carpet Tech takes concrete stain to the next level with engraving and scoring. Concrete engraving is not an overlay or stamp. The design, of your choice is actually engraved into the existing hard concrete surface to give a distinctive effect that replicates the look of brick, marble, slate, flagstone, cobblestone, tile, and more.

Concrete Scoring & Engraving

First, your concrete will be stained to the color of your choice. Next, we will route or engrave out a pattern. Our engraving design possibilities are virtually limitless. Whether you desire a rustic, contemporary, traditional, or old world look our technicians will work with you to create a unique, customized design.

Custom Designs

Carpet Tech can truly make any concrete surface a reflection of your style. You can choose from many designs including your initials, family seal, or other logo. We will help to create your dream flooring and bring a unique style to your home.

Schedule your free on-site consultation and estimate today!

Epoxy Flooring

When it comes to the overall value and visual appeal of any residential property, one of the most critically-measured aspects is that of finished, useable floor space. Epoxy floor coverings turn dirty, and distressed concrete floors–often in the garage or unfinished basement–into attractive, durable, easy-to-clean, useful surfaces.

The superior protection it provides from deterioration or contamination will greatly reduce the need for floor repairs caused by the salts and chemicals that break down concrete. An epoxy floor will help beautify and protect virtually any concrete surface and is available in multiple colors and finishes to fit any decor.

Call Carpet Tech today to schedule your free on-site consultation and estimate.


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