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Commercial Pool & Fountain Cleaning

Commercial Pool & Fountain Cleaning

Water Feature and Pool Maintenance

Fountains and other water features make a memorable addition to your facility. If your business provides a pool, spa, or hot tub, this adds an additional layer of complexity, requiring maintenance to keep the water clear and PH-balanced. Carpet Tech’s Pool Check service offers maintenance services for pools and water features of all kinds.

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Why Choose Pool Check?

  • Fountains and Water Features: We service all types of water features at all manner of facilities. No matter the size of your fountain or pond, we’ll keep your water running cleanly and smoothly.
  • Pools: Whether you have a freshwater or saltwater pool, we will open and close your pool and maintain it throughout the year. You do not have to do anything except sit back and enjoy!
  • Spas and Hot Tubs: We are prepared to maintain, PH-balance, clean, and repair any spa or hot tub. Pool Check by Carpet Tech offers a full maintenance package to suit your needs and budget.

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Opening Your Commercial Pool

Starting a pool is difficult and is only the beginning of an ongoing process. Pool Check by Carpet Tech offers a customized maintenance plan to accomodate your budget and needs.

Opening a pool is usually a three-day process for Pool Check

  • Step 1 – We refill the pool, test the water for any problems, shock the water if it’s green, and balance the PH-levels.
  • Step 2 – We scrub the walls of the pool, vacuum out any leaves or algae, test the alkalinity, and correct any imbalance.
  • Step 3 –  Next we circulate the water and retest it. Chlorine and stabilizers are then added and circulate overnight.
  • Step 4 – We then retest the chlorine, alkalinity, and PH levels. Algae control and CYA are then introduced.

Pool Check does not recommend anyone to swim for the first four hours after chemicals have been introduced. Your technician will let you know once the water is OK to get into.

Closing Your Pool

We’ll handle everything when it comes to preparing your pool for the off-season.

  • End of Season Clean: We will conduct a thorough cleaning of the pool
  • Rebalance Chemicals: We test all levels and add the proper chemicals if necessary, this makes the pool easier to open the following season
  • Lower the Water Level: We will lower the water level to below the skimmers to avoid damage from freezing
  • Cover and Protect: We will ensure the pool is properly covered and protected
  • Check Gauges and Valves: We make sure your pool is protected from winter by clearing water from trouble areas

After completing the closing process, your pool will be properly prepared for winter. Pool Check by Carpet Tech will be ready to reopen it when the time comes.

Commercial Pool Services in Lubbock

Routine Pool Maintenance

A pool’s maintenance needs are dependent on its size, design, and amount of use. Pool Check by Carpet Tech can clean your pool as little or often as necessary. Our technicians will provide you with a recommended schedule for optimal efficiency. Pool Check cleanings include the following:

  • Removal of foreign objects from the water
  • Check PH and chemical levels
  • Rebalancing as necessary
  • Shock, acid wash, or remove calcium deposits

Green Pool Recovery

If a pool has turned green there is an imbalance in chemicals which allows algae growth, giving the water the green appearance. Pool Check will test the chemicals in the water and correct any imbalances. We will then apply an algaecide to keep algae growth at bay.

If the chemical imbalance is left untreated for a long period of time, it may be necessary to scrub and power vacuum the pool to remove all the algae.

Sand Filters

Reduce the time you spend maintaining your pool by letting Pool Check replace your pool’s sand filters. We will periodically check your filters and replace as needed. No matter which type of filter your pool utilizes, we’ll make sure it’s functioning properly.

Spas & Hot Tubs

Despite their more manageable size, hot tubs still require regular maintenance for clean and efficient operation. Pool Check by Carpet Tech offers a customized cleaning plan for hot tubs to keep them running efficiently.

Fountains and Water Features

Pool Check by Carpet Tech is experienced in maintaining all manner of water features. Get the most out of that fountain, pond, or other water feature by scheduling a Pool Check routine maintenance today.


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